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A no-nonsense ebook that teaches you how to get that first client for your video production business. This is what you need to finally start making a living from your video/filmmaking skills. Includes:

  • 6 key pieces of equipment that you need to get your video production business started today...
  • 5 key ingredients to a rock-solid marketing message that will have clients "banging your door down" wanting yo work with you...
  • Short, easy-to-understand sections with Action Steps along the way (includes a special "Gear" section, so that you know exactly what you need to get started right now!)...
  • Plus… learn the "Ultra Accurate Pricing Strategy” method that will allow you to easily learn how to price jobs and now exactly what your skills are worth ...
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I know this eBook can help you start & grow a successful video production business. The strategies inside have changed my life. Download it and use it... It works!

Matt Jacobs Matt Jacobs
Founder & CEO, Filmmaking Lifestyle