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We offer a number of different courses for a range of issues you might be having in starting & growing your video production business.

We all face issues from time to time with our video production businesses, but our courses offer solutions to a number of problems that you might be trying to fix. Whether you're starting out and don't know where to begin, or whether you're stuck on pricing, or looking to expand your skills and abilities in video production/filmmaking: we have you covered.

  • Real World Experience

    The information in our courses is based on real world experience, not theory or fantasy. This is hard-won, from the trenches information.

  • Every Step Of The Way

    We support our customers after the purchase to ensure that you get the very best out of our courses and services.

  • Protected & Secure

    All our courses are behind modern day security setups, so you never have to worry about your personal or credit card info.

Video Business Fast Forward

Start & Grow A Crazily Successful Video Business

An eBook that takes you from the beginning of starting your video production business, through to intermediate topics and more advanced video business information. This book will walk you through everything you need to know to get your video business up and running.

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Video Business Blueprint

Take Your Video Business Idea From Fledgling To Fully Grown

This training covers the same information from Video Business Fast Forward, but is delivered as a video course. See the information in video form as I take you from the beginning of starting & growing your video business.

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Video Business Pricing Formula

Learn How To Price Any Type Of Video Production Job

Ever been stuck with pricing a video production job? Ever bang your head against the wall after yet another competitor wins the work over you? This is our premium training on pricing video production jobs. We'll give you the lowdown on everything you need to know to win any video work you want.

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Video Production Success Program

Master The Skills You Need To Become An Awesomely Effective Videographer

Video production is a vast topic full of conflicting information. That's why we've created this video training on all aspects of mastering video production. We take you through all the necessary steps to producing outstanding work that your clients will love. From selecting the right gear, shooting, editing and more - this is the only video production training course you need.

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Mission Video Business

Step-By-Step Mission Based Training In Video Production Business

This is a unique training that involves weekly missions. For 1 year, you'll complete tasks each and every week that will have your video business going from shaky startup to thriving company. Follow along and complete the missions to 10x your business!

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Wedding Video Business Blueprint

Everything You Need To Know To Start A Ridiculously Successful Wedding Video Business

For those looking to master the art of wedding videography, I've created the ultimate wedding video business course. We'll cover all aspects of running and scaling an outstanding wedding videography business. If you want a thriving wedding videography business, this video course is what you need.

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Private Coaching/Mentoring With Matt Jacobs

No Nonsense Coaching To Refine The Profitability Of Your Video Business

For the first time ever, I'm offering personal coaching and mentoring. Maybe you're looking to scale your business from 5 figures to 6 figures. Maybe you're just starting out and need an extra focus and a coach to bounce ideas off. I'll create a customized plan of attack, so that you'll achieve your video business dreams.

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Freelancer Productivity Powerup

Raise Your Productivity Game With Our Complete System For Getting More Done

So you're running a freelance business, but you find yourself getting distracted and procrastinating on the things you need to do? We'll show you how to level up your productivity game and get more done in 3 months than you ever thought possible!

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Video Production Forms Pack

Use These Forms To Know Where You Stand And Make Your Life Easier

Having forms and docs that help your video production business is the way forward. That's why we've put together this unique set of the top 5 forms you'll need to run an efficient and effective video production company. Don't delay – get these today!

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Rank My Freelancer Site

Use Our Top Strategies & Tactics For Getting To The Top Of Google

Getting to the top of search engines like Google is tricky. So we've put together a course that helps you slay the Google dragon and get your site to the top of the first page...where it belongs! If you want to get more eyes on your work and what you do, you need this!

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Why should you choose our courses over other types of training?

We Offer Premium Trainings That Can't Be Found Anywhere Else

When we set out to make these trainings, we wanted to build a suite of trainings that were the best out there. See how we stack up to other options below.

  • Film School

    Film schools are ridiculously expensive for what they offer, and that’s not even including your actual filmmaking costs. Even if you did want to stump up around $80,000 to enrol in a good film school; let’s face it, not many people even live near a good one.

  • Books, magazines and blogs

    Books, magazines and blogs are great in some ways, but can’t offer the same level of detail and specificity that our training courses can. Follow along with our video training courses that make a difference in your life.

  • Other People's Courses

    Enrolling and traveling to people’s training seminars is just not feasible for most people. Our training courses are online and available 24/7, so you can come back to them again and again and continue to learn something new.

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Filmmaking Lifestyle

Recent feedback from our customers

"I am so glad I found Matt's stuff at Filmmaking Lifestyle. Matt's guidance in the book came at the right time for me and was like a guiding post in the fog. Before I read the book I had some vague understanding of what i had to do but was facing daily overwhelm with the practicalities of actually setting up my video business. After reading the book things just fell into place. Finally a plan and something to follow to get the results i was after! Thank you!"

- Jon Whale, UK

"Matt's book helped me shape my promotional plan so that people were suddenly chasing ME with jobs. And the best thing about it all is that it doesn't feel like selling! They're coming to me! Can't thanks Matt and Fast Forward enough. Get the book!"

- Trisha Kenton, USA

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Have Questions About Filmmaking Lifestyle's Courses?

Check out these frequently asked questions...

Q. Will I have access to my course forever?

Yes, of course. When you purchase a course, you buy a lifetime relationship with the course and me, the creator. You'll be entitled to lifetime updates, too, as this kind of information needs to be updated from time to time to keep it relevant.

Q. How will my training be delivered?

Depending on the particular course you go for, it'll be delivered in eBook form, in video form or audio form. Most courses have elements of all three - make sure you check the sales page to learn exactly what's in each course.

When you purchase, you'll be given a link to a special members area (unique to each course), where you can download the training.

Q. Are my payment details safe and secure?

Yes, most definitely. We use the latest in internet security and payment processors to ensure that your payment information, credit details and other personal data is handled securely and efficiently.

Q. Are you the real deal? Will I achieve the results I desire from taking your courses?

I'm most certainly the real deal. But don't take my word for it - check the testimonials and results people have achieved through working with me. You can find some of these on this very page (just above this section), as well as on the product information pages for each course.

Q. Why are you selling courses? Can I not just get the same information on your blog?

The blog is a great source of learning and information. However, these trainings offer a more premium and immersive experience with material not found anywhere else for free. It's also true that different people learn in different ways. Most of the courses above are video based, whereas with my blog I'm limited to text based teaching.

Q. I like the look of a few of the courses, Is there a recommended order to go through them all?

I've listed the courses from top to bottom in a recommended path, from beginner to intermediate and more advanced. For instance, the personal coaching course is our training program for more advanced filmmakers who've taken a path through out other trainings. Also, some of the trainings are market specific, like the wedding video training program.

Stay tuned, as I'm going to be adding more course offerings in the future.

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